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 Visionary Poet

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Psychedelic channel surfing ... riveting

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Playful, mischievous ... conjuring underground rhymes and reasons with his live-video poems

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rev.99:  COVIDIOT99 - The New Abnormal

Live Online Performance

June 13, 8:00 pm, Saturday Night

Vintage virus footage, monkey-faced avatars, surveillance software, molecules-a-Go-Go, scary sneezes. Britney SARs. You got this. Route sick sick sick. A plague date from sheltering in a 1950s fun house of horror and CNN.

From the crew that declared “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND WATCH SOME TV!” rev.99 is going up-close and remote. Yes, it’s true. The champions of homemade media and a/v hootenannies have joined the Zoom-bie Apocalypse.

Our first installation of on-going series linking audio and visual artists from around the world for hour long jams. The jam is customized for online viewing. Not only has it been modified to fit your screen but it is perfect for getting up, grabbing a beer, or your partner(s), or stirring the sauce and posting a picture of yourself getting saucy, or texting your USBFF, or taking a pee, or watering that neglected fern … The Jam. As when rev.99 took over Freddy’s backroom on Dean Street on Sunday afternoons, we create media environments you can move in and out of. God help artists who need their audiences to sit still and pay attention!  Rev.99 is all about Attention Surplus Order: the all-you-can-watch media buffet.

Today’s performance has 99 Hooker switching video and Akio Mokuno processing audio (Max/MSP/Jitter). Sources include Donald O’Finn, Feedbuck, Br. Russell Scholl, Alexa and her pals.

Future performances will involve more artists live as we learn the process and expand the medium to link our many friends sharing this time in different spaces. The new abnormal. COVIDIOT99 is rev.99’s first step in linking our traditional media performance in sweaty, physical spaces and simulcasting. The long-term advantage is not media for shut-ins but bringing performers from around the world into an unruly room full of lilies in the field.