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Grate Hits 1


30 years

20 pieces

2016 marks the thirtieth year since I first published music under the name 99 Hooker. It has been 16 years since I legally added my nom de media to my "Christian" name. And 10 years or so since I played saxophone in public. It's time.


Grate Hits 1 includes selections from numerous settings featuring over thirty collaborators, With 40 published CDs and other recordings to my name, it was difficut to choose!  Choice cuts include Happy New Year, Bible Launcher, Generica, rev.99, plus duos with Akio, Naval and M. From "Ode to a Bus Driver" to "Everything Changed after 7-11" Volume 1 focuses on pop music, by which I peversely mean short pieces mutating out of popular genres including noise, spazz rock, spoken word, improvcore, and metal. Having not produced sound categorically, any resemblance to such historical lurches is fairly incidential and opportunistic.


Volume 2, coming out at the end of 2016 will include longer pieces and those I can't classify any which way.


Thanks to everyone who contributed directly and indirectly to these sounds.



Design - 99 Hooker

Front image & Font by

Back cover - fan photo

Edition of 99 signed copies

Full color 8 page booklet

Imprinted Hydroshield premium CD-R

Wrap-around graphic DVD case



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