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Sammy Toyota, Three Terrors

Featuring the late great Glenn Sorvisto. This track is from "Three Terrors" which I produced and performed on. We recorded the bulk at Jason Willett's old Megaphone warehouse on West Baltimore street. Jason played the turntable.

The History Dumb Fuck, Generica 


A labor of love with many plot twists. A genre-bending CD (PAX) that processes Sweet, Funkedelic, Bo Diddley, The Doors, Radiohead, Commander Cody, Eugene, psychobilly and much more Americana through the ears of many of NY's best noise artists. Of course certain dumb fuck reviewers want to know what map  in use? Sunset. Featuring so many friends: Akio Mokuno, Donald Miller, Michael Evans, M2, Brother Russell Scholl and many others. Cover photo - Cree McCree. Recorded at Wombat by Ross Bonadonna.


Glass Rhythms, with Akio Mokuno 


Akio was the last musician I really connected with.He sampled many things including myself both beforehand and live. We performed a lot including at the Big Sur Experiemental Fest at the Henry Miller Library, The Downtown Music Gallery, Brian's */- series, various radio shows. Akio often triggered his samples using an infared sensor. A pal of mine once said he had really enjoyed our show, "I know!" I cried somewhat breathlessly, "We didn't make any music."


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