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Curated Programs by
99 Hooker & Brother Russell Scholl

All Programs 45 minutes - MP4 file.

"Russell Scholl is a film archivist of great renown-in our camp, at least-for the diverse, drop-dead killer programs of old music performances he puts together."  -Time Out New York
"We usually work with The Museum of Sex, but we like your stuff better." -- producer, The New York Burlesque Festival

America Loves You

Experience weird, dark, joyous Americana: snake handlers; child preachers; wartime propaganda, zany musicals, perverse vaudeville.

Exploitation Nation

The demented, desperate, debt-ridden, shameless, indulgent, unhinged , fearless, fun loving, and tasteless always seem to nail it.

America Loves You #2

Spell  binding dance, Appalachian hollars, Jesus, Satan, ads for a future that never arrived, confused Public Service.

Island of the Burning Damned Artist

A survey of mad  media scientists, obsessive compulsive misappropriationists, wacky wonders and visionaries.


A concise history of remix segues into amazing contemporary work.

Not Your Parent's MTV

Separated at birth : radical music reunited with radical visuals. 

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